Anco® – Winter Extreme Black Wiper Blade

Anco® - Winter Extreme Black Wiper Blade

  • Arctic Armor™ hydrophobic shield prevents ice build-up on the wiper blade surface
  • Metal reinforced end caps provide additional strength and protection again ice scraper damage
  • Articulated Contact™ spoiler technology provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
  • Geo Core™ honey comb spoiler design provides light-weight, flexible and durable protection against snow pack and road debris

Construction Material: Rubber, Metal, Plastic. Winter Extreme Beam Blade. ANCO Winter Extreme™ beam blades feature exclusive Geo Core, Arctic Armor, and DuraKlear® Plus technologies delivering an advanced high performance winter wiper blade. Optimized for snow and ice, the oversized squeegee remains flexible in extreme temperatures providing a clear-clean wiper.