AutoLoc® – Tilt Hood Kit

AutoLoc® - Tilt Hood Kit

  • Set of two add-on hinges that reverse the way your hood opens – changing it from rear-hinged to front-hinged operation
  • Kit also includes pressurized gas struts and all hardware necessary for installation, along with helpful instructions
  • Heavy-duty steel construction ensures hinges designed for your make and model will not flex or cause sag
  • Reinforced hinge pins and guides are maintenance free and provide a long life of smooth, trouble-free operation
  • CAD/CAM designed and developed with advanced engineering for precise fit and operation that’s OEM-level, not kit car
  • Optional electric sliding actuators raise and lower hood automatically
  • Optional remote control is available
  • Hood aligns completely flush and looks unmodified in the closed position
  • AutoLoc products have been used and endorsed by Pimp My Ride and Monster Garage, among many automotive custom shops
  • AutoLoc provides technical support at no charge should difficulties arise
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

When you see a vehicle with a forward tilting hood that’s hinged at the front, it makes an impression. Classic sports cars of all makes have used this method of accessing the engine bay since the dawn of the automobile, and the uniqueness and style of this look never goes out of fashion. While front-hinged hoods add unique style to your vehicle, they can actually make working on today’s crowded engine bays easier. AutoLoc lets you reverse the arc of your vehicle’s hood with the Tilt Hood Kit. It gives you reliable hardware that resists corrosion, and reinforced steel hinges built far sturdier than necessary to ensure zero flexing or misalignment of the hood panel.

With the Tilt Hood Kit, you’ll get gas struts that work with the hinges to ensure smooth, gliding operation. Floating brackets and adjustable mounting holes make it easy to align the hood for a perfect fit that will stay that way as the miles and years roll by. Plus, there’s even the option to add electric sliding actuators which automatically raise and lower the hood automatically. AutoLoc recommends professional installation of Tilt Hood kits, and all components are warrantied with a limited lifetime warranty against failures due to manufacturing defects.