Bosch® – Evolution™ 26″ Black Wiper Blade

Bosch® - Evolution™ 26

  • Precision-cut, specially blended natural rubber wiping edge
  • Removes even the smallest droplets for clear visibility and safer driving
  • Graphite-treated to reduce blade chatter
  • Patented bracketless design
  • Better resistance to ice and snow build-up for better performance and visibility in all weather
  • Precision-tensioned dual steel springs
  • Create tension memory, applying uniform pressure along the entire blade length
  • Symmetrical wind spoiler
  • Uses air flow to increase blade-to-windshield contact
  • Shields tension springs from all weather elements
  • Exceptional performance in even the worst weather
  • Easy installation

Being caught in a heavy rain or snow storm while driving in a vehicle with bad wiper blades can be a perilous experience. To avoid any dangerous situations on the road, driver’s visibility mustn’t be limited in no circumstances. And here Evolution™ wiper blades are second to none. While the conventional windshield wipers are prone to freezing of joints, ice build-up, and lifting at high speeds, the Evolution wipers are immune to all those things due to their bracketless design. And since the product has no plastic or metal brackets, hinges, or joints, there is nothing to freeze up. In addition, the Evolution wiper blades feature precision-tensioned dual steel springs that provide more uniform pressure along the full length of the blade for crystal-clear all-weather visibility.

To be able to remove even the smallest driblets from your windshield, the Evolution wipers have a precision-cut, specially blended natural rubber edge. It is also graphite-treated to eliminate blade chatter. The symmetrical wind spoiler integrated into the rubber protects tension springs from all weather elements and uses airflow to improve the contact between the windshield and the blade.

The installation process wasn’t overlooked by the manufacturer either. Each is designed with the do-it-yourself installation in mind, and that’s why it is equipped with the DirectConnect™ system. It allows for easy and quick one-step installation without having to fuss with adapters. Replace your OE windshield wipers with the highly-efficient wiper blades by Bosch in no time and step up to enhanced road visibility, no matter the weather.