Bosch® – Insight™ 26″ Black Wiper Blade

Bosch® - Insight™ 26

  • Designed for dependable wiping performance in any weather
  • Made with streamlined design
  • Built using patented single beam technology
  • Graphite coated natural rubber for a smooth wipe
  • Precision tension springs for uniform application
  • Robust integrated spoiler for increased aerodynamics

Seeing the road clearly is essential for safe driving, especially in rain, sleet or snow. This Bosch Insight wiper blade is engineered to effectively clean your windshield for optimum visibility in any weather conditions. This innovative hybrid blade has a streamlined design that utilizes patented single beam technology to help provide a replacement for your vehicle’s original equipment, hybrid windshield wiper blade. This wiper blade features graphite coated natural rubber for a smooth wipe and robust integrated spoiler for increased aerodynamics. Its precision tension springs ensure uniform application.