Bosch® – Micro Edge™ 26″ Black Wiper Blade

Bosch® - Micro Edge™ 26

  • Exclusive metal tension springs for reduced streaking and improved moisture removal
  • Quiet-Glide™ micro-finish wiping edge for smoother, quieter operation
  • Precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge removes the smallest droplets of moisture for the clearest view
  • Heavy gauge steel frame for reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Robust construction helps fight blade lift-off at highway speeds
  • Zinc dichromate coating provides superior corrosion resistance
  • All-steel riveted joints for less play and reduced noise
  • Pre-mounted quick clip adapter for easy installation with no adapters required

If you live in a rainy climate, having wiper blades that effectively clean the windshield can be a big help. If your wiper blades have seen better days, a pair of new Bosch MicroEdge wiper blades is the best solution for you. Bosch wiper blades are designed for unmatched performance even in the most challenging weather conditions. Thanks to the metal tension springs enclosed in the rubber element, MicroEdge wiper blades are highly effective in wintry conditions. Featuring the exclusive Quiet-Glide micro-finish wiping edge, these wiper blades literally glide over the windshield, which makes them virtually silent. Their robust construction helps prevent lift-off at highway speeds or in severe winds. MicroEdge wiper blades also install in almost nothing flat thanks to the exclusive Bosch DirectConnect™ one-step system with no adapters required.