Bosch® – Snow 26″ Black Wiper Blade

Bosch® - Snow 26

  • Expertly crafted from premium materials
  • Designed to match rigorous quality standards
  • High quality at a budget-friendly price

Squeaking or chattering wiper blades can become a real annoyance and create visibility hazards. Why endanger yourself and other road users by trying to drive with worn wiper blades? Install new Bosch wiper blades and drive safely through the blinding rain and snow. DirectConnect is designed for dependable wiping performance: every blade incorporates dual steel tension springs and a precision cut natural rubber element that ensures excellent wiping performance and clear view. The graphite-treating wiping edge ensures almost noiseless operation, while the aerodynamic all-steel frame maintains superior blade contact at all speeds. The exclusive DirectConnect one-step system makes for quick and easy installation.