CIPA® – Dual View Clip-On Towing Mirror Extension

CIPA® - Dual View Clip-On Towing Mirror Extension

  • Dual-Adjustable Mirrors Increase Viewing Area
  • Universal design – Easy-Adjustable Arms Fit Most Applications
  • Aerodynamic Enclosed Head Design Helps Reduce Vibration
  • Installs Quickly – No Tools Required!
  • Will not obstruct your existing mirror

This mirror will not obstruct your vehicle’s existing viewing area. The Clip-On Towing Mirror has a large mirror face that widens visibility, in addition to your factory mirror, for peace of mind while towing. The Towing Mirror is not position specific, so it can accommodate the driver side or the passenger side of your vehicle. Installation is simple and no tools are required. The Towing Mirror is perfect for temporary or light towing needs. It is not recommended to be used as a full time heavy-duty towing solution.