CIPA® – H-2.375″ W-3.625″ Dual-View Baby Mirror

CIPA® - H-2.375

  • Convex design provides wide angle viewing
  • Universal in fitment and positioning
  • Comes with two mounts to accommodate a rear facing baby or forward facing toddler
  • Can be also be used as safety feature when backing up
  • Unobtrusive compact design

Dad wouldn’t have had to threaten repeatedly to Stop The Car And Turn Around – if he’d had one of these clipped to his visor. Air bags have forced us to keep even the smallest (or especially the smallest) children in the back seat, where it’s hard to see them while driving. Don’t get distracted while in motion trying to turn around and see what’s going on back there! Guess what – there will probably be fewer shenanigans in the back if they know you’re watching!