Colgan® – Vinyl T-Style Bra

Colgan® - Vinyl T-Style Bra

  • Custom designed for your vehicle
  • Provides solid hood protection from road debris
  • Complements your vehicle’s look
  • Made of durable 25 oz. vinyl with UV resistant top coat for long-lasting protection
  • Available in black and carbon fiber finish
  • 1-piece design won’t interfere with your hood
  • Exclusive Memory Fit system ensures a snug fit
  • Resists flapping at any speed
  • Top/double stitch for additional strength and body-hugging fit
  • Double padding prevents premature wear
  • Super soft flannel backing keeps your paint scratch-free
  • Flannel padded tabs and vinyl coated S-hooks won’t damage the finish
  • No loose parts – all components are pre-attached to the bra
  • Simple installation with no tools or drilling required
  • Tabs and hooks are pre-bent for easy installation
  • Easy removal
  • Made in the USA

Looking for an affordable way to protect your vehicle’s hood from external hazards? The choice is the Colgan T-Style Bra. It’s made of premium Haartz vinyl, which is a popular automobile top and material. The vinyl is also UV-treated for the ultimate protection against fading. Finally, the flannel backing of Colgan bras allows for keeping your finish scratch-free. Thanks to the exclusive Memory Fit system, the Colgan T-Style Bra is sure to fit snugly over your hood and won’t flap at any driving speed.

In order to prevent premature wear, especially at the corners, the bra is double padded, the tabs are flannel padded while the hooks are vinyl coated. Since all components are pre-attached, the bra installs in minutes with no tools required. The one-piece design offers outstanding functionality and provides easy access to your engine, so you don’t have to remove it every time you’re going to open . The Colgan T-Style bra is available in either black or carbon fiber finish to help you get the look you want. All products by Colgan Custom are backed by a 3-year limited warranty, so you can buy them with confidence and enjoy a full range of benefits.