Covercraft® – Block-It™ 380 Taupe Custom Car Cover

Covercraft® - Block-It™ 380 Taupe Custom Car Cover

  • EX / EX-L / LX / Touring With Spoiler

If your vehicle is parked outside, the Block-It® 380 Custom Car Cover offers three layers of protection to effectively keep up your vehicle’s looks and value during all four seasons. The only type of cover that will keep your car completely dry during a heavy rainstorm is a plastic one. While the upside of a plastic cover is absolutely no water gets through, the down side is absolutely no moisture vapor and heat trapped underneath can get out – causing damage to paint and other surfaces as rot and decay quickly get a foothold. While rain will permeate the Block-It® 380 Custom Car Cover, water is the only thing that will make it through the microscopic pores found on all layers. Dirt, tree sap, minor hail stones, bird droppings, and other oily contaminants may land on top of the Block-It® 380 cover, but they will not get through to your paint. The cover is washable – however Covercraft recommends using a commercial size washing machine for the most effective results.

The Block-It® 380 cover also offers protection from the sun’s UV rays. Not only will that prevent paint from fading, rubber from drying out, and from tarnishing, it prevents damage to materials inside your car. When your vehicle is covered regularly, dashboard materials remain soft without fracturing, leather doesn’t dry out, and wood trim does not crack in multiple places due to heat expansion and contraction. Additionally, the annoying chemical haze that forms on the inside of windshields from heated plastic trim will be eliminated.

Among all of Covercraft’s car covers, this is one of their thinner and more lightweight covers. A recently developed film coating from Kimberly-Clark allows this cover to have an inner layer that’s thin but effective against contaminants and UV rays. It allows an inner and outer layer of Covercraft’s best non-woven padded material to provide good protection from door dings if irresponsible drivers will be parking next to you on a regular basis. Sized for a custom fit on your vehicle, elastic edging surrounding the lower perimeter on all sides helps create a snug fit that doesn’t get in the way of removing the cover when the time comes to take it off. Covercraft builds the Block-It® 380 in the United States, and backs it with a 3-year warranty against failure resulting from manufacturing defects.