Covercraft® – SeatSaver™ Polycotton Seat Covers

Covercraft® - SeatSaver™ Polycotton Seat Covers

  • EX / EX-L / LX / Touring

have always been a smart way to safeguard your investment; they’re especially perfect if you regularly transport pets or children who often spill water or like eating chocolate pudding snacks on the rear seat. If this is not the case, anyway, your vehicle’s take a serious beating from regular use: just imagine how many times a day you and your passengers can slide in on out of your car. This really wears out the upholstery and thus compromises the look of the vehicle’s interior. Don’t let it become vulnerable and visit to choose the perfect seat covers that will suit your personal needs.

SeatSaver™ Custom Polycotton Seat Covers effectively protect your seats, provide a cool, non-sweaty surface that’s absorbent, and are extremely easy to install by hand without tools. The cotton “drill weave” fabric these covers are made of features a strong diagonal bias in the weave, creating breathability without compromising tear resistance and strength. You’ll find this gives you a greater level of comfort during everyday use – causing less body heat retention, sweat, and stickiness typically felt with seat covers made from other types of materials. Because the Seat Saver seat covers are more breathable by nature and therefore less waterproof, Covercraft advises applying a coating of spray-on 3M Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector every 5 washings to maintain a high level of spill resistance.

SeatSaver™ Custom Polycotton Seat Covers are shaped specifically to the seat bottom and seat back contours of each vehicle, so they will fit easily without complicated installation. Location of your make and model’s headrests, split bench seat edges, power seat switches, center consoles, and seat-mounted side airbags are taken into account to create covers that allow full functionality of those items.