EBC® – Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads

EBC® - Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads

  • Designed for use with low drag multi-piston, performance brake calipers only
  • Formulated for optimum heavy-duty racetrack performance
  • Backing plates feature vibration-balancing weights to reduce squealing noise under high stress
  • Pads are bonded to backing plates with a chemical layer that triples separation resistance
  • Pads provide progressive brake feel and are safe for street use also
  • Organic aramid fiber construction maintains high level of grip when pads are cold or extremely hot
  • Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are blue powder coated for resistance to corrosion
  • Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing
  • Pads come new with rough, heat-scorched surface designed for improved bedding with rough or worn rotors
  • 200 miles of gentle use is recommended during pad break-in period
  • Sold as a set for two wheels

While EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are designed for racetrack use with standard OE , Bluestuff pads are designed to provide an even higher level of performance for the racing enthusiast who owns a vehicle equipped with superior multi-piston, high-performance brake calipers. Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads are formulated to take the extra squeezing power of multi-piston calipers and make the most of it, offering massive levels of grip when you need to scrub off speed fast. And while these brakes will let you stop on a dime from triple-digit speeds, you will also be impressed with their gradual and progressive application that makes them easy to live with and use on the street. Bluestuff pads come designed for grip the minute you put them on your vehicle with a rougher, heat-scorched top layer for the best initial mating with new or worn brake rotor surfaces. Once the pads have fully broken in, the grip they are known for is available at all times whether the brakes are cold on an icy morning or hot during an endurance race.

The organic aramid fiber construction of Bluestuff pads resists heat buildup that plagues inferior pads, so you won’t have to compensate for reduced effectiveness after brake fluid gets hot enough to boil in the lines. And Bluestuff pads are designed to hold together under extreme, heavy use. Instead of using rivets to secure pad material and backing plate together, Bluestuff pads use an additional layer between the two in order to form a strong chemical bond that provides three times the resistance of pad separation or shear. Four balancing weights built in to the backing plates of Bluestuff pads ensure high-frequency vibration is cancelled out to eliminate squealing noise.