EVO Lighting® – Elite CAN Bus LED Bulbs

EVO Lighting® - Elite CAN Bus LED Bulbs

  • Perfect for interior and exterior lights on a vehicle
  • Install on any vehicle without modifications
  • Sensor safe. Will not activate warning lights
  • For off road and decorative use only
  • These bulbs have a life expectancy of 2000+ hours
  • 12V installation

CIPA has a lot of experience in manufacturing automotive parts and accessories for car manufacturers. That means they have the ability to design and build products that meet the most stringent cost, quality and reliability targets in the industry. And that’s what they demand when they market their EVO-branded lighting products. Whether it’s the trendiest color of high-output halogen headlight lamp, an LED undercar lighting strip, or a headlight strobe, EVO products are on the cutting edge of the industry. If you are going to use these bulbs in exterior lighting, please check your local/state laws whether they are legal.