G3® – Krono™ Roof Cargo Box

G3® - Krono™ Roof Cargo Box

  • Made to provide excellent longevity and outstanding durability
  • Ideal solution to help keep your cargo safe and secure at all times
  • Cutting-edge design will outlast and outperform any competition

Dual side opening system
The dual-side opening System permits you to open the roof box from both sides. It makes the mounting easier and facilitates its loading and unloading. G3 engineers have developed this Both-side spending once again in order to improve the performance of G3 Roof box range. This solution allows you to open both sides of the box with the same key. You have a better and easier access to the box in very comfortable conditions. The Both-side opening system represents a fundamental solution for all the countries with left-lane driving, and provides at the same time the opportunity to match the roof box with other accessories on the roof bars. To the begin this innovation will be applied only on the high-level G3 roof box series, enriching in this way a range that already ofers very goodlooking inishings, central locks and city crash tests certiicates. Once again the G3 roof box tries to fulil the growing needs of its market, increasing the versatility and improving access to the loaded luggage in an always simple and elegant way.

Fruit of the innovation capacity of G3 technicians is the practical system of pre-drilled holes which contradistinguishes G3 roof boxes. Simple and quick, the customer hasn’t to manage dangerous tool to ix the box which might be risky. An optimum result, absolutely better than any other on the market: the system of pre-perforation improves the precision of instalment and contributes to increase the quality of the G3 box.

G3 guarantees that every new product is made in G3 factory in Italy, in order to underline the quality of the product and the attention that the company has toward the customers.

City Crash
G3 complete roof bars range (open, paciic, clop and atlantic) has successfully passed the ISO/PAS tests. All the bars are tested with an impact force equal to 8G and weight that range from 50 kg (for paciic) to 75 kg.

Easy and fast assembling of the product without the use of any additional tool.

Shielding treatment of the material protects the product from Ultraviolets (uv rays) in order to last in the years.

When heading out on a camping trip, backcountry excursion, or anywhere in between, outfit your prized possession with a stylish and rugged roof rack that will let you take everything you need for whatever the adventure calls for. Designed to deliver exceptional stability, versatility and ease of installation, this is hands down what the doctor ordered for your short or long road trip. Use the muscle of this tough rack made from high tensile tubing to be strong enough to carry all your gear. By providing unmatched durability, this top-notch rack is sure to stand the test of the time.

Pick out yourself a rock solid and reliable roof rack that will maximize your vehicle’s above roof cargo load capacity and free up space for your buddies or valuable things by allowing to secure all that stuff outside of your vehicle. With this rack, it’s easy squeezy lemon peasy to take all you want without making your vehicle’s claustrophobic. It will keep what’s in stow positioned right, preventing load shifting. So, your gear will stay safe and sound during transport, resting on your roof until you need them. This convenient rack provides easy access to the top of your automobile’s roof which makes loading and unloading a snap – just stow it up and get go.