Hail Protector® – Car Cover System

Hail Protector® - Car Cover System

  • Any Size Hail Protection
  • Patented System
  • Early Warning Alert Service
  • Assembled in USA
  • Superior grade materials for ultimate protection
  • Made to deliver unprecedented durability and strength
  • Ensures ease of use and excellent efficiency

The Hail Protector System is the World’s Only Automobile Hail Protection System. It has been designed and extensively tested for over 6 years to virtually eliminate the fear and effects of hail storms on your automobiles. The Patented Hail Protector System is protecting thousands of customer automobiles in 38 states, 9 countries and on 4 continents. One-time initial system assembly takes approximately 20 minutes when you first receive your system. The system rolls up and packs up small, similar to the size of a sleeping bag.
Accessories Included:
Remote Control: A Patented System protecting your entire vehicle from any size hail via remote control. With sliding button protector, approximately 100′ range
Compact Tape Measure: For easy strap pull under vehicle
Waterproof Foam Blower Blanks: Best for long term use of the cover in direct sunlight (multiple weeks). Optimezes life of plastic blower covers
AC Power Connection Protector: Lightweight, twist together, AC connection protection device for use with AC adapter power option
AC Adapter: Virtually indefinite operation
Car Accessory Power Plug: Approximately 2,5 hour operation without depleting starting power of vehicle
Battery Holder: Holds 8 “AA” batteries. Approximately 1 hour operation
Control Module: With input for selected power option and output to blower assembly. Located in a trunk or hatch with power output wire exiting trunk like a trailer power wire
Control Module Output Cable: Automotive grade 2 pin trailer type power connector with weather boot. Exits trunk like a trailer power wire
Nylon Accessory Bag in Trunk: All accessories and loose items fit in bag together