Harwood® – Tri Compressor I 21″ Dragster Bolt-On Fiberglass Hood Scoop (Unpainted)

Harwood® - Tri Compressor I 21

  • Elevates your vehicle’s appearance and performance
  • Provides a boost in horsepower
  • Features a lightweight yet durable construction
  • Minor trimming required for proper fitment
  • Made in the USA

Exceptional reliability and long-lasting service – that’s what this Harwood product offers. It is designed with great craftsmanship to deliver both the durability and performance you’ve come to expect from Harwood. The use of top grade materials ensures that it provides exceptional resistance to harsh elements which results in many years of hassle-free service even under challenging conditions. Since it is expertly crafted in the USA, you can be sure that the quality of this product exceeds your expectations.