Hurst Shifters® – Manual/Automatic Round Style Black Shift Knob

Hurst Shifters® - Manual/Automatic Round Style Black Shift Knob

  • Available In Black Only
  • Comes with Decals
  • For Use with Other 12 Volt Access
  • Sold as a kit

It is really surprising how much character a new interior accessory can add to the style of the vehicle. Drivers looking to bring a more classic style to their car will definitely find a new shifter knob to be the perfect place to start. know that for sure and that is why their classic shifter knobs are second-to-none in both quality and appearance. Manufactured from high-strength plastic, the upgrade is sure to have a long trouble-free service life. Smooth to the touch, the knob feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to grab.

Besides the exceptional performance and unmatched durability, this classic shifter knob can boast of an elegant and stylish look. Its high-gloss finish gives a touch of luxury and grace to the interior. When it comes to installation, you can replace your old unit with a new one as quickly as you change your clothes. Considering all the advantages mentioned above, it would be true to say that this classic shifter knob is a perfect way to set your automobile apart from the stock models. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a new shifter knob, go with this one and you won’t be disappointed.