• Forward-styled modern take on traditional design and aesthetics
  • Win-win combination of aggressive nature and high-class performance
  • Innovative flow forming technology allows for higher tensile strength and weight savings
  • More shock resistance and increased load capacity over regular cast wheels
  • Track proven and street driven to meet the highest industry standards
  • Trend-setting designs are available in a range of sleek finishes
  • Built to exact vehicle specifications for a perfect custom fit
  • Made to meet or exceed the highest standards for quality and reliability

Give your ride a new sense of elegance and panache with Konig Flow Formed wheels. They make an impression at first glance. Flow Forming Technology Series is a cutting-edge wheel lineup that evokes a new sense of sophistication with aggressive, edgy styling accentuated further with a diverse array of luxurious finishes. These high-end rims are known for their artful craftsmanship and precision engineering, stylishly combining technical and modern aesthetics to give your vehicle that sort of refined classy attitude that will have heads turning for another look.