KONIG® – INCIDENT Graphite with Machined Face

KONIG® - INCIDENT Graphite with Machined Face

  • Forward-styled modern take on traditional design and aesthetics
  • Bond to add an extraordinary aggressive edge to the look of your ride
  • Track proven and street driven to deliver astounding performance
  • Cast from superior-grade materials to last you for billions of miles to come
  • Built to exact vehicle specifications for a perfect custom fit
  • Cutting-edge design available in a range of advanced finish options
  • Made to meet or exceed the highest standards for quality and reliability

Add a dash of wicked stylish looks and enhance traction with Konig Main Line wheels. Born to impress, Konig wheels are the pinnacle of style and sophistication in every spin. Konig Main Line rims are a forward-styled modern take on a classic design. The unmistakable elegance and aggressive nature, makes these wheels a must-have. Elegantly crafted with looks and performance in mind, Konig Main Line rims are bound to stand out and end up that bold, intimidating statement the fastest and finest luxury/sports cars manifest. Built using the latest technology and materials, Konig Main Line is lighter, stronger, and motorsport perfected to exceed strict standards that are needed to ensure the safest product on today’s vehicles. Konig’s Main Line consists of all of its wheel options except those, which are Flow Formed. Revolutionizing the wheel industry for over 30 years, Konig Main Line wheel portfolio includes all of the tuner/sport compact wheels you have come to expect, accompanied with many other wheel upgrades for other segments such as Euro, sport luxury, and even modern muscle! Blending together exquisite styles and dazzling finishes, Konig wheels are not only about making an attention-grabbing impression, but also the lifestyle that comes along with them. They are purpose built to every aspect of the automotive tuning lifestyle. These wheels harmoniously fuse masterful engineering and precision craftsmanship with exquisite verve that makes them the fine work of art worthy a royalty to dress up their ride.