Lloyd® – Rubbertite™ Custom Fit All-Weather Protection Floor Mats

Lloyd® - Rubbertite™ Custom Fit All-Weather Protection Floor Mats

  • Heavy-weight composition rubber
  • Molded high capacity “wells” capture moisture, dirt and debris
  • Excellent for use in beach, desert, rainy and snowy environments
  • Custom fit from over 10,000 precision master patterns
  • Computer cut for precise fit
  • Available for front and rear passenger, trunk and cargo areas
  • Includes many one-piece, wall-to-wall and over-the-hump patterns
  • Offered in Black, Light Gray, Gray, White, Ivory, Tan, Pink, Red, Burgundy, Yellow, Brown, Blue and Crystal Clear
  • Easy to clean – simply hose off the mats
  • Mat surface has non-slip texture for extra safety
  • Non-skid nib backing helps hold mats firmly in place
  • Factory-compatible mat fasteners (post, hook, snap) anchors where applicable
  • Easy-to-install Lloyd anchors for vehicles not equipped with anchors
  • Lloyd Mats are custom made for each client and, therefore, are Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable
  • Absolutely stays put for optimum safety and durability

No matter what quality mats you have in your car, they are hard to keep clean in really bad weather. Replace the removable mats with Rubbertite All-Weather Protection Mats. This will keep your floor and your feet dry in all kinds of weather. They stay supple even in the coldest weather and are easy to take out for cleaning or for storage, and you want that wonderful luxury feeling that only textile floor mats can give. The Lloyd patterns are designed for maximum coverage and maximum protection of your floors. Get a set of Rubbertite mats and stop worrying about the kids spilling cocoa on your exclusive custom made personalized floor mats – just install the Rubbertite mats when you see a risk of dirt and spills getting onto your car floor. Take them out for show or for comfort.

Lloyd Mats has a custom mat pattern for virtually every vehicle sold in the US since 1960. The patterns are developed by Lloyd Mats for the best possible fit. The patterns are digitized and the mats are cut using AutoCAD ultrasonic cutting technology to ensure perfect fit to your vehicle, with the Lloyd mats often covering a slightly larger floor area than the mats provided by the car manufacturer.

Safety note: Never place two detachable front mats on top of each other when there is even a remote risk of the mat sliding under the pedals. Floor mat anchoring systems are designed to hold only one layer of mats in place.