Lumen® – LED Load Resistors

Lumen® - LED Load Resistors

  • Sold in pairs
  • Rated for 50 watts
  • 6 ohms
  • May be needed with Lumen bulb to correct hyper flash or error messages
  • Ensures vehicle control computer does not mistake lower LED bulb electrical draw as a burned out bulb
  • Prevents glitches or data loop communication breaks which can trigger other warning lights on some vehicles

Replacing with some brands of LEDs can cause “bulb out” error messages, sporadic operation, and generate system faults that activate check engine lights. Because LED bulbs typically only need one-tenth of the power that original equipment incandescent bulbs do, most modern vehicle computer control systems with a “CAN Bus” data loop design will mistake that low electrical draw as a non-functioning or under-performing OEM bulb. Your vehicle may give you a “bulb out” warning, or it may shut down power to that socket completely rendering your LED bulb useless.

Additionally, all bulbs in most modern vehicles are controlled by a single module that is linked in series with other control computers. On some makes and models, something as simple as a bulb not recognized by a body computer can cause glitches in the normal loop of data communication. Once this happens, your main engine controller may not recognize that all systems are go, resulted in a “check engine” warning light coming on when there is really no problem.

Because most have been designed with a higher level of advanced technology, they are CAN Bus compatible once connected with this electrical load resistor. The load resistor ensures proper data throughout your headlights, body control module, and main vehicle computer flow properly without causing error messages or confusing any computer controls. See General Specifications under each bulb, as some Lumen bulb designs may not be compatible with modern CAN Bus systems.