Mr. Gasket® – Hood Pin Kits

Mr. Gasket® - Hood Pin Kits

  • Triple chrome plated pins and torsion clips/hairpins
  • Easy install
  • Scuff plates and all hardware included
  • Lanyards prevent losing safety pins or torsion clips
  • Some drilling required
  • 90-day Mr. Gasket warranty

Be absolutely certain that your hood (or deck lid) can’t open inadvertently by pinning them shut. Many racing sanctioning bodies require this for competition, in fact. You can lighten your vehicle a few pounds by removing the hood latch mechanism and the cable and lever as well. A set of locking hood pins are a great way to prevent theft of easily-removable high-ticket items from underhood, like carburetors, distributors, alternators and ignition amplifiers, too.