OMP® – HRC Series Racing Seat

OMP® - HRC Series Racing Seat

  • Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance
  • Right for your vehicle and lifestyle
  • Made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

Seat Dimensions:

  • Weight: 9.5kg (HRC Fiberglass Air); 10.3kg (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • A: External max width at shoulders – 620mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 610mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • B: Seat bottom to mid shoulders – 635mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 680mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • C: Seat bottom max external width – 470mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 490mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • D: Total height of seat back – 900mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 980mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • E: External max width at seat fixing inserts – 390mm (AIR); 425mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • F: Seat inner width (belt holes area) – 365mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 400mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • G: Bottom length – 470mm (AIR); 480mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • H: Internal width between side head protections – 370 (HRC Fiberglass Air); 360mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • I: External width between side head protections – 530 (HRC Fiberglass Air); 520mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • L: Height from the bottom to the harness slot – 620mm (HRC Fiberglass Air); 675mm (HRC Fiberglass Air XL)
  • Harness Slots: 5
  • Side fixing: inner side int. 289mm

Produced entirely within the company for over 20 years, studied and designed at the technical laboratories in Ronco Scrivia, developed and perfected with the consultation of the very professional pilots for whom they were meant, the racing seats represent an important segment of business for OMP. Winner of many rally world championships with the Mitsubishi of Tommi Makinen and supplier of the first racing equipment for the most important car manufacturers in the world, like Ferrari and Maserati, today OMP outfits with its seats all the porsche competition vehicles that participate in the single-seater championships like the Carrera Cup and the Ferrari F430 that participate in the FIA GT championship.