Rhino-Rack® – Heavy Duty 2500 Roof Rack System

Rhino-Rack® - Heavy Duty 2500 Roof Rack System

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compatible with all Rhino-Rack roof mount accessories, including ladder carrying accessories
  • Heavy-duty square cross bars have H-frame construction and wide width to support heavy loads
  • Heavy-duty cross bars perfect for contractor applications
  • Cross bars constructed from durable, extruded structural grade aluminum
  • Cross bars include wide protective rubber cap insert to cushion the load
  • Cross bars include top C-Channel for accessory mounting
  • Rack legs designed to fit gutterless vehicles
  • Legs use specifically molded pads designed to fit the contour of your vehicle’s roof
  • Leg clamps specifically designed to fit the curves of your vehicle’s door jamb (the area where the clamp mounts)
  • Leg covers are lockable, and 2 keys are included
  • Legs are manufactured from UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Most cars and trucks built today have smooth, aerodynamic, gutterless roof lines. To safely carry cargo and sports gear on the roof of these vehicles you need a roof rack system with specially designed legs for secure attachment that won’t damage the vehicle. And if you carry more than the usual roof mounted accessories, and haul cargo like ladders and building supplies, you need a roof rack system that’s heavy-duty enough to bear the load. The Rhino-Rack 2500 Multi-Fit Heavy-Duty Roof Rack System has all the features you need and more, so you can mount Rhino-Rack luggage and travel, sporting and ladder carrying accessories, or haul whatever you picked up at the home center.

This Heavy-Duty Roof Rack System is designed to be quick and easy to install, with no special tools or vehicle modifications required, so you can get loaded up and be on your way. The foundation starts with 4 sturdy UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon legs that rest on specifically molded pads that have been specially designed to hug the contour of your vehicle’s roof. The legs are secured to the vehicle with custom designed clamps that fit the curves of the door jambs where they are attached. Each leg has a lockable cover to prevent theft of the rack and 2 keys are included.

Supporting the weight between the legs are 2 sturdy extruded structural grade aluminum cross bars. These bars feature super strong H-Frame construction with a wide protective rubber insert, to provide ample support for heavy loads and to keep cargo from sliding. The rubber insert can be removed to reveal the C-Channel, so accessories that require that method of attachment can be mounted.

The Rhino-Rack 2500 Multi-Fit Heavy-Duty Roof Rack System comes with detailed, illustrated instructions and it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.