Rhino Shelter® – Car Pocket

Rhino Shelter® - Car Pocket

  • Completely Encases Full Size Vehicle on All Sides, Top, & Bottom
  • Plastic Zipper on Three Sides
  • Renewable Desiccant Bags
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • Expertly Crafted from the highest grade materials
  • Rigorous quality control and great functionality
  • Offered at a reasonable price

CarPockets™ works together with a soft cover (not included), placed over the painted areas, to provide all-round protection. A desiccant block is included in the package to help remove excess moisture. Its versatility makes CarPockets™ a favourite with car collectors who prefer it for their seasonal or long-term storage needs. Besides protecting your car, it can also be used to cover furniture, equipment, or any other material fit for storage. The CarPockets™ folds away into a storage bag (included) for easy transportation.