Rixxu™ – Designer Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - Designer Series Seat Covers

  • Protects your vehicle’s seats from spills, stains, tears, and other damage
  • Fashionable upgrade for seats that are worn and torn
  • Fits all cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Available in your choice of modern, sophisticated print designs with black trim including Couture, License Plates, Trees, and NYC
  • Durable tuck and roll polyester fabric with sturdy PVC piping and brushed finish Rixxu™ emblems
  • Zippers and elastic straps with quick-connect buckles combine for fast and simple installation
  • Available for front and rear seats
  • Removable headrest covers for easy headrest adjustment
  • Includes 1-st Row pillows with print design that can be attached to headrests for added comfort
  • Wraparound seat bottom covers ensure secure, non-slip retention
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Are you a style maven, a trendsetter, someone for whom plain and ordinary just won’t do? Rixxu™ Designer Seat Covers were crafted for you. Instead of just a choice of colors, Rixxu™ offers 4 sensational prints that will allow you to show off your artistic and creative side, and personal taste. If you’re fashion conscious and are always seen wearing the latest styles and accessories, then Couture is your perfect pattern. Want something automotive but unconventional, then the License Plates pattern is your classy alternative. If you love nature and the outdoors, and are environmentally conscious, then show your dedication to green living with the Trees pattern. And if you’re a fan of anything to do with The Big Apple or want to show your hometown pride, then the NYC pattern should be on your seats.

But you get much more than just great looks with Rixxu™ Designer Seat Covers. The sturdy polyester fabric with PVC piping is long-wearing so you can enjoy your covers’ exceptional style for many years, and they’re designed to provide maximum protection for your seats. The breathable fabric and tuck-and-roll stitching will make even the longest trips comfortable for you and your passengers. The included 1-st Row pillows, also decorated with your selected print design, can be attached to your headrests for even greater comfort. In addition to the unique prints and smart upholstery design you also get brushed metal Rixxu™ emblems affixed to each seat back.

These universal fit seat covers are ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and they’re available for both front and rear seats. The covers for the front driver and passenger seat backs secure simply at the base with elastic straps and plastic anchors, and zippered openings slip over the headrests at the top. Elastic straps and quick-connect buckles retain the front seat bottoms at the rear, with straps and hooks attached to the seat springs at the front. The zip-together 3-piece rear seat backs and bottoms are secured in a similar manner. The accessory 1-st Row pillows also features elastic straps and quick-connect buckles for easy attachment. Wraparound upholstery design helps ensure the seat bottom covers stay securely in place. Separate covers secured with straps and quick-connect buckles at each headrest allow the headrest to be adjusted to the most comfortable and supportive position.