Rixxu™ – Taffeta Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - Taffeta Series Seat Covers

  • Protects your vehicle’s seats from spills, stains, tears, and other damage
  • Stylish upgrade for seats that are worn and torn
  • Fits all cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Durable polyester fabric with sturdy PVC piping
  • Breathable and ribbed fabric pattern for enhanced driving comfort
  • Available in your choice of 4 attractive colors with brushed finish Rixxu™ emblems
  • Zippers and elastic straps with quick-connect buckles combine for fast and simple installation
  • Available for front and rear seats
  • 2-piece covers for front driver and passenger seats
  • Zip-together 3-piece rear seat bottom covers with zip-together 3-piece rear seat back covers
  • Removable headrest covers for easy headrest adjustment
  • Wraparound seat bottom covers ensure secure, non-slip retention
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Your vehicle is an investment, and like any investment it’s wise to safeguard its value. Installing Rixxu™ Taffeta Seat Covers is the best way to protect your vehicle’s factory upholstery from stains and wear & tear, so that come resale time a set of perfectly preserved original seats will help you command top dollar. Yet, if your seats have already been ravaged by spills and hard use, don’t despair, because Taffeta Seat covers can not only upgrade your interior ambience and make driving more pleasurable, their presence at resale time will create the visual appeal that will put more cash in your pocket.

With Rixxu™ Taffeta Seat Covers, protection and cutting-edge style are affordable, long-wearing, and easy to install. Rugged polyester weave construction provides effective protection and the durability to stay looking good for many years and miles. The ribbed upholstery design with PVC piping and brushed Rixxu™ emblem combine for an especially attractive appearance, and the ribbed texture with breathable fabric will make even the longest trips comfortable. The available colors will complement many OE interior shades, so you’re sure to find one that goes perfectly with your cabin.

These universal fit seat covers are ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and they’re available for both front and rear seats. The covers for the front driver and passenger seat backs secure simply at the base with elastic straps and plastic anchors, and zippered openings slip over the headrests at the top. Elastic straps and quick-connect buckles retain the front seat bottoms at the rear, with straps and hooks attached to the seat springs at the front. The zip-together 3-piece rear seat backs and bottoms attach in a similar manner. Wraparound upholstery design helps ensure the seat bottom covers stay securely in place. Separate covers secured with straps and quick-connect buckles at each headrest allow the headrest to be adjusted to the most comfortable and supportive position.