Rixxu™ – Terra Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - Terra Series Seat Covers

  • Enhances driving comfort
  • Fine ribbed pleats provide support, stimulate circulation and airflow
  • Pleats stuffed with non-heat conducting buckwheat hulls
  • Protects your vehicle’s seats from spills, stains, tears, and other damage
  • 100% cotton with buckwheat hull lining
  • Fits all cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Available in 7 interior complementing colors
  • Stylish upgrade for boring, plain upholstery or seats that are worn and torn
  • Elastic straps with quick-connect buckles combine for fast and simple installation
  • Available for front and rear seats
  • Includes removable headrest covers for easy headrest adjustment
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Inveterate road warriors that spend hours behind the wheel have long sought seat additions to make driving more comfortable including beaded covers, special cushions, etc. While some of these products are effective, few can also provide seat protection and most have a utilitarian appearance. Now, you can get increased comfort, upholstery protection, and great looks all in one product – Rixxu™ Terra Series Seat Covers.

No matter whether you log hours of seat time every day or have a short commute, you’ll appreciate all the features packed into these covers, all designed especially to make your time behind the wheel more comfortable. The closely spaced pleats provide plenty of support, but their configuration also stimulates circulation and provides a gently massaging effect when your vehicle is in motion. The pleats are filled with buckwheat hulls, a durable, proven upholstery filling that does not conduct heat as much as synthetic filling. Combine this feature with the increased air circulation afforded by the pleat design and it adds up to even greater comfort, especially on hot summer days.

With their elastic straps and quick-connect buckles, Terra series seat covers are super easy to install, so they’re a great choice if you just want to use them on long trips. However, if you leave them in place and use them regularly you’ll get the full measure of their protective benefits, which can help preserve your vehicle’s original upholstery. And with such a broad selection of colors, you’re sure to find the shade that will go perfectly with your interior.