Scrubblade® – Heavy Duty Series 26″ Black Wiper Blade

Scrubblade® - Heavy Duty Series 26

  • New patented Scrubbing technology
  • High quality, all-weather construction
  • Low blade profile prevents wind lift
  • Inside blade for Smear-Free visibility
  • Easy to install

The secret to Scrubblades cleansing power lies in superior innovation, proven to outperform all other wiper blades on the market. Featuring industry leading blade design with scrubber technology, Scrubblade offers a top of the line all-weather wiper blade, designed with your needs in mind, to give you optimum visibility. Tried and true, Scrubblade went head-to-head against the largest wiper blade companies in a debris removal test performed by AKRON and proved to be up to 12 times more effective than its competitors at removing debris effectively. For the clearest view, try Scrubblade wipers and enjoy the journey safely, wherever the road may take you.