Sparco® – PRO 2000 LF Series Fiberglass Racing Seat

Sparco® - PRO 2000 LF Series Fiberglass Racing Seat

  • Designed for maximum safety, comfort, and performance
  • Made from an light fiberglass composite shell
  • Popular seat design provides excellent ergonomics
  • 1″ wider in lower seat area compared with Pro 2000
  • Two adjustable lumbar support pads improve cockpit comfort
  • Special non-slip fabric on the shoulder and cushion area
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • FIA approved

Seat Dimensions:

  • Weight: 15.87 lbs (M Size); 15.87 lbs (L Size)
  • Side Fixing: 11.42″
  • A: External Width at Torso Bolsters – 18.6″ (M Size); 18.9″ (L Size)
  • X: Internal Width at Torso Bolsters – 12.9″ (M Size); 14.2″ (L Size)
  • B: External width at Shoulders – 23.2″ (M Size); 23.2″ (L Size)
  • C: Height from Base to Shoulder Wings – 22.8″ (M Size); 22.83″ (L Size)
  • D: External Width Across Thigh Bolsters – 19.3″ (M Size); 19.3″ (L Size)
  • Z: Internal Width at Center Cushion – 12.3″ (M Size); 13.2″ (L Size)
  • E: Front-to-Back Base Length – 21″ (M Size); 21.7″ (L Size)
  • F: Top-to-Bottom Maximum Height – 35.4″ (M Size); 35.4″ (L Size)
  • G: Backrest Projection – 4.5″ (M Size); 4.7″ (L Size)
  • Bottom Fixing: 10.67″ x 13.58″

This seat is a wider version of the Pro 2000 seat by Sparco combining comfort and ergonomics with safety and performance. The product features two lumbar support pads and non-slip fabric on the shoulder and cushion area for improved cockpit comfort. This seat cradles the body for greater performance thanks to its unique seat design. It’s made from a light fiberglass composite shell then wrapped in a fire retardant fabric. The Pro 2000 II is FIA approved. Keep in mind that this product requires Spacer Kit (#50003) when installing using bottom mount attachment points.