Sparco® – Strada Series Street Racing Steering Wheel

Sparco® - Strada Series Street Racing Steering Wheel

  • Designed to improve grip and comfort for driving precision
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Features a solid construction for extra durability
  • Add a touch of style to your vehicle

When the highest level of driving comfort is what you are looking for, choose this premium quality steering wheel by Sparco. Sparco steering wheels are fundamental driving aids that have been developed to satisfy best drivers in the world. Designed to improve driving precision, safety and comfort, these steering wheels guarantee the best grip and a reduction of vibrations transmitted to the driver, while their internal structure permit to reduce weight and increase lifespan.

This product is designed to meet the highest demands of racing fans. It improves grip and comfort for driving precision. Delivering the best in function, this steering wheel ensures you get nothing less than maximum performance on the track. Thanks to its exclusive design, the steering wheel makes your four-wheel friend stand out from the crowd. Constructed from premium quality materials, the product features a solid construction for reliable, long-lasting service life.