Spec-D® – Dynamik LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Spec-D® - Dynamik LED Headlight Conversion Kit

  • For upgrading from factory halogen bulbs to LEDs
  • Increased brightness for great visibility
  • Plug-n-play installation on most vehicles
  • Each kit is bulb type specific
  • Weather resistance IP67 certified for all weather conditions
  • Made of anodized aluminum for the external cas of the bulbs
  • Longer lasting life that can work up to 50,000 hours
  • Lower power consumption, less than 10% of standard halogen bulbs
  • ASIC chip equipped to optimize the heat protection and consistent light
  • 9,000 RPM Turbocool fan to deliver 4.23CFM of air flow
  • Built-in CanBus load resistors to avoid OBC error codes, warnings and rejections

LED is today’s hottest lighting trend rocking the automotive industry. LEDs burn much longer and cooler, meaning there is no need to constantly replace bulbs. Putco LED bulbs are easy to install with no wiring modifications necessary – all you have to do is to remove the factory bulb and plug your new LED bulb into the same factory socket. LEDs produce a brighter and cleaner light that is more attractive to the human eye than the light of incandescent bulbs. Cool-colored LED light contributes greatly to the driver’s safety, promoting your alertness.